Why doing the Beep Test will not increase your score

Simply Doing The Beep Test Will Not Improve Your Score

Let me repeat that statement above, simply doing more beep tests over and over again is not going to help you improve your beep test score and reach your full potential.

To improve our performance in any sporting activity we first need to distinguish between playing and training. Simply playing more games is not going to improve your sporting performance. In fact, in some cases, it can actually make things worse because repeating bad habits just further cements those bad habits.

The Beep Test is no different from any other sporting activity. In order to improve your Beep Test performance, you need to undertake specialized training rather than simply doing the Beep Test more often. Just doing the beep test more often and expecting your performance to improve is expecting a bit of a miracle.

Just like the tennis player example explained in our video, individual skills need to be developed.

Development Process

  • identify a strategy, technique or fitness component that is weak
  • isolate that ‘issue’
  • create a training drill to develop that ‘issue’
  • implement the training drill
  • build the repetitions
  • monitor, test and measure the effects of the training drill
  • implement the improved ‘issue’ back into the Beep Test performance

This process can (and should) be applied to each aspect of the beep test performance and beet test fitness components.

Beep Test Components

  • running technique
  • timing
  • pacing
  • foot placement
  • hip position
  • body alignment
  • turning technique
  • breathing
  • mindset
  • as well as each of the individual fitness components

These should all be addressed in using the process outlined above.

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