The Beep Test Academy was started when Russell Kempster mentioned one day to his best mate, Mark Standeven, that he was starting to get a lot of people needing personal training specifically for the beep test. Russ was starting to get a lot of clients and was also starting to do group training sessions just for the beep test.

However, there was a problem, Russ was starting to knock clients back and he was even starting to get enquiries from people that were too far away to attend a live training session.

This is where Mark stepped in, you see Mark has a lot of experience in website development and had experience with building online training programs.

Russell started working on and developing a training program that could be used remotely and Mark went to building the website and back-end system for the program itself.

Beep Test Academy can help you reach your full cardio fitness.

Meet The Trainer

Russell Kempster has been a personal trainer for over 25 years now. He spent 12 years as a police officer and was a physical skills instructor at the Victoria Police Academy in Australia.

Russell and, Beep Test Academy co-founder, Mark Standeven have spent the last 10 years testing and fine-tuning this program which has resulted in the most comprehensive cardio endurance building program available anywhere.