Whatever sport you’re passionate about, improving your cardiovascular endurance is going to enhance your sporting performance.

Coaches from many different sports around the world use the beep test as a method of measuring the fitness levels of their players and athletes. Whether it’s junior grade, senior grade or the elite level, those athletes who can increase their cardiovascular endurance will increase their capacity to perform at their best for longer.

If you’re a coach looking for a training program to improve the beep test results of your players, or, you’re an individual player or athlete and you’re trying to break through your beep test personal best score, our training program Mastering The Beep Test, will provide you with a step by step blueprint to maximizing your beep test potential!

“Since 2006 we’ve training more than 3,000 athletes, players, police and fire applicants as well as military applicants, to improve their cardiovascular endurance fitness by an average of 3 to 5 beep test levels. The key is to focus on the right type of fitness training AND to ensure your beep test performance maximizes efficiency.” – Russell Kempster

Sports like soccer, football, rugby, basketball and hockey can all benefit greatly from increased cardiovascular endurance. Especially when it is gained through a beep test training program because of the inherent requirements of these sports to not only run, but to run back and forth constantly which closely resembles the movement patterns required during the beep test. This makes beep test fitness training highly relevant and beneficial to these types of sports.

Whatever your sport, give Mastering The Beep Test a try!