Beep Test Audio File Download

You can download the official 20-metre beep test mp3 audio file that is used by the police, defence, and emergency services in Australia and many other places around the world.

Click the button below to get your free copy of the beep test mp3 audio file.

How to set up and run a 20 metre beep test

Now that you have the beep test audio mp3 file, let’s learn how to setup and run the test.

Here is what we’ll cover to help you with running your beep test:

  1. What is the beep test
  2. What you will need to run a beep test
  3. What are the rules/protocols
  4. How to score

Let’s get started!

1. What is the beep test

The beep test is a fitness test that assesses your cardiovascular endurance. Essentially you will run back and forth between two points positioned 20 meters apart.

The required running speed is determined by a preprogrammed audio tone that steadily increases in speed as each minute passes. Your goal is to keep up with the audio tone for as long as you can!

2. What you will need

  • Find a non-slip surface
  • Ensure that the surface is flat
  • Make sure that the distance between each end is 20 metres
  • We suggest getting some cones or witches hats to mark each end
  • A measuring tape (try and get one that is 20 metres in length)
  • An audio player to play the beep test soundtrack

3. What are the rules

  1. You begin the beep test by standing at one end of the 20 meter area with one foot placed on the end line. You’ll hear a 5 second count before a “triple beep” which indicates the start of the test!
  2. When the test starts you need to run to the opposite side and place one foot on the end line. If you arrive at either end of the course prior to the beep, you must wait there until the beep sounds before making your way back in the opposite direction.
  3. After each level (approximately one minute), a triple beep will sound, indicating the start of the next ‘level’ of the test. Each time this occurs, the time between beeps decreases. Your running speed must then increase to maintain the required pace.
  4. You must continue back and forth over the 20-metre course until you can no longer reach the end lines in time with the beeps.
  5. The test finishes when you miss two beeps in a row.

4. How to score

The beep test is not a race against other participants. Whilst groups can compete to see who can last the longest, the beep test is a test of an individual’s cardiovascular endurance.

The higher the beep test level achieved, the higher the individual’s cardiovascular endurance.

This chart will help you understand the structure of the beep test “levels and shuttles” and the running speeds required to keep up at each level.