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You can download the official 20-metre beep test mp3 audio file that is used by the police, defence, and emergency services in Australia and many other places around the world.

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51 thoughts on “Beep Test Audio File Download”

  1. mzoxolo sotyana

    Hi guys im mzoxolo sotyan
    I ENJOY RUNNING bleep test
    SARU:IS 12.5
    1ST I RUN 13.5
    2ND WAS 14.5

    1. Mark Standeven

      Hi Mzoxolo,

      You’ve made a great improvement so far, great work! You are certainly getting up towards the high end of elite fitness scores if you are running the 20 metre test.

      If you have reached the limit of where you are no longer improving then we need to look at the fundamentals of the components to improving your beep test score:

      1. Technique
      2. Cardio Fitness

      You’ll find some resources on the site here or if you would like to simply get onto the best beep test training available check out our Mastering the Beep Test Program here.

      Good luck and please let us know how you go.

      Kind regards,
      Mark & Russ

  2. Matthew Underwood

    is this the standardized bleep test used by the British Army? There seems to be a lot of variants out there and some feedback to suggest not all are accurate

    1. Mark Standeven

      Hi Matthew,

      Thanks for your question, the best place to go for this information would be directly to the source, The British Army.

      I know with the Victoria Police here in Australia they have changed the requirements quite a few times over the years so that’s where I’d start.

      Good luck and be sure to let us know what you find out.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hey Sam,

      11+ is a good score for any age. I don’t believe there is a database of average scores for different age groups, but, 11+ is very good and I don’t think too many 14 years would be able to reach that level.

      Good job 🙂

  3. Hi I am 12, and I’m going to do a harlequins rugby academy, what should my score be? I did a 20m today and got 7.3

    1. Hey 🙂

      7.3 is a great score for someone 12 years old, well done!

      Your score doesn’t need to be anything in particular, unless there is a set score you need to achieve to qualify for a squad or similar. Just use 7.3 as a bench mark and see if you can increased that by 1 or 2 shuttles each time 🙂

      Good luck, enjoy.

  4. 49 years young gonna play soccer this year with some fellow young guys my age and we could give this a shot. what should I/WE be aiming for

    1. G’day Lyle,

      great game, good to hear 🙂

      Well, it really doesn’t matter what score you achieve, whatever it is can be your starting point, then you can aim to increase it from that point. If there’s no minimum score that must be reached to make the team or similar, then, it’s more about having that bench mark for yourself.

      I don’t think there are any ‘norms’ for the beep test based on age, that I’m aware of.

      Give it heaps mate 🙂
      Enjoy the season.

  5. Hello…
    I am a girl.. 15 yrs old nearly..
    I do a 7km run/jog every morning what should I be aiming for in the beep test ??I have run 10km without stopping before but i want to do betterr….
    .. plss help me we r doing this at school next tuesday n i am stressin out.. want to beat the “cool” boys.. haahaa
    Thanks ur comments above have been good!

    1. Mark Standeven

      Hi Vamsi, sorry for the delay in response. Increasing your cardio vascular fitness would be a great benefit to cricketers. This would help batsman recovering quicker after running and also fielders when they chase down a ball. Good luck!

  6. hi
    I’m Joy, your average 12 year old girl. I’m not heavy or super thin, I enjoy any type of athletics sport and I LOVE the beep test. Although I have only done it 4 times my results have improved. I started off at 6.4 the first time I did the beep test, I kept progressing to 7.2 then 8.3 until finally I got 9.3. I would like to know what is a excellent score for a 12 year old girl and what I should do to improve it.

    1. Mark Standeven

      Hi Joy,
      Great to see you making improvements each time, it won’t be long till your cracking the 10 mark! There is no official standardised score that we know of but keep up the good work and aim as high as you can.
      Kind regards,
      Mark & Russ

  7. I am a 15 year old girl who is quite heavily built due to bone structure and stuff (its not fat). I currently get a score of around 6.4 and I am looking to increase my cardiovascular endurance and increase this score. How often do you reckon I should do this at home to complete my goal?

    1. Hi Emily,

      I assume by

      How often do you reckon I should do this at home to complete my goal?

      you’re asking how many times per week you should do the beep test. Well, it’s much more involved than that. Our program will take you through all the technique aspects and 26 specific training sessions to help you increase your cardio vascular endurance and in turn increase your beep test score.

      Good luck.


      1. Mark Standeven

        Great first effort Lol, this is a good benchmark to try and beat the next time you do a beep test.

  8. Greetings

    I’m 21 and have let myself go a little. This has has decreased my fitness level (I think) I would like to try out this test and use it as a cardio workout as well as a measure for fitness. What would be the a great score for 21 year old?

    1. Hey Kabz,

      at 21 years of age a beep test score above 10 would be a good score. Keep in mind though, it’s only one measure of your cardiovascular endurance.

      For an elite 21 year old sports person, 13-14 would be a good score. The score you can reach will depend largely on the nature of the sport you’re involved in.

      If you’re using the beep test as a motivation tool (it’s measurable), for general fitness, I say you’re doing really well to reach level 10.

      All the best.

  9. Hi there,
    Im 19 years old and weigh very close to 100kgs. my height is 183 cm and a lot of people say that if you’re into bodybuilding and weight lifting, ect. (btw i’m not) your BMI doesn’t really matter. Is that true? My beep test score is 9.4 and I would love to reach any score above 12. is there any tips for exercising or dieting that you could give me? Also, considering my age, weight, is that a good score?
    Many thanks

    1. Mark Standeven

      Hi Dominic,
      9.4 is a pretty good score.
      To maximise your score we’d recommend our beep test training program.
      Good luck.

    1. Hi Charlii, our Beep Test Training program, as well as the free audio file, is based on the 20 meter beep test. In fact, the 20 minute beep test is the officially recognised beep test, any other distance or modification to the beep test levels, distance, timing or anything else is just that, a modification from the original and in my opinion should be avoided.

      Good luck with your RAF endeavours!

  10. This is great thank you!I have been worrying about passing my annual fitness test and so have been training really hard. I was so afraid that I would fail until I did this practie run and I managed 13.3 – I only need to get to 6.2 to pass. This has helped my confidence so much – thank you!

  11. Im 15 now, but when im 18 i want to be in the royal marines do u know what score u have to get royal marines, i got 11.4

  12. Hello (And yes Jack Daniels is my real name) I am 5,5 and i am 14 years of age and in beep test i got 13.1 i was wondering is that good for my age or should i work on it?

    1. Hi Jack, 13.1 is a great score for a 14 year old, congratulations!

      If you keep up your training there is no reason why you can’t improve upon this score, keep up the great work mate.

  13. the beep test is great! I’m a rower and we do this all the time, and I find it really helpful to test my fitness level and also improve it.

    1. Hi Prince,

      Thanks for the question.

      Although there are rumours that some athletes have completed the full 21 levels, there are no official records of such. We also believe that it is physically impossible for any human being to complete.

      To our knowledge, the best beep test score on record is 17-01 by Kini Qereqeratabua a Fijian rugby player.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Tacy,

      What we offer is the official audio file that is used by the police, fire and defence forces in Australia and also by many organisations around the world.

      You can download the file on this page, just follow the instructions.

      Best of luck,

    1. Hi Costas,

      All you need to do is download the file from this page.

      Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll send you some bonus tips as well 🙂


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