What is the Beep Test

Have you heard of the beep test?

The Beep Test does not discriminate so it doesn’t matter whether you’re super fit or a couch potato, if you do the beep test everyone will end up at the same point, out of breath and at their cardio limits. The only difference is that the fitter you are the longer it will take to get to that point.

The beep test is also commonly known as the:

  • bleep test
  • multi-stage fitness test
  • pacer test
  • 20-m shuttle run test

This test is commonly used as a way of measuring your bodies cardiovascular levels and VO2 max (maximum oxygen uptake).

You may have heard or even experienced the beep test through participation in sports with a lot of professional sporting associations using the beep test as a way of evaluating potential recruits, however there are a large number of organisations that also use the beep test in determining the entrance requirements for gaining employment.

These organisations include the police, fire and defence forces. The test is always the same but the level required will differ between the organisations and may even differ for different departments within the organisations.

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