What Equipment Do I Need For The Beep Test?

Where to do the beep test

One of the first considerations should be, where can you do your beep test training safely? In order to do your training safely, you will need a flat surface of at least 30 meters. Of course, the official beep test is done over 20 meters, but for safety, you’ll need approximately 5 additional meters at either end.

Performing the test on an indoor basketball court surface is probably the best option as the flat, non-slip surface enhances safety. Another advantage of an indoor facility is that your beep test training won’t be affected by the weather.


You’ll need a tape measure to ensure your beep test is accurately measured over 20 meters. You’ll also need the beep test audio mp3 file.

Once you have the audio file you’ll need to use a device to play it. It’s better to use an external speak if you can so that you don’t need to carry an iPod or other mp3 devices to play the beep test whilst you’re trying to run and turn.

Once you have the necessary equipment, you’re ready to get started.