Treadmill Training for the Beep Test – 4 Benefits to Consider

I’m still surprised at how many people are very attached to their beloved treadmills.

When I’m speaking with people about the best methods for improving their beep test scores the discussion often ends up being about how they can incorporate a treadmill into their beep test training program.

There are many issues that could be discussed in great depth in relation to using a treadmill for running training, let alone beep test training, but, let’s take a quick look at just 4 of the benefits of using a treadmill for improving beep test performance.

There are certainly some benefits to using a treadmill in your training program for improving your cardiovascular fitness. Let’s outline some of those below:

  1. Poor weather conditionsOne of the challenges for anyone wanting to maintain consistency in their training is how to do so when it is wet and raining outside or even just very cold. A treadmill really is a good option for someone who needs to be incorporating running into their beep test training program without having to freeze whilst doing it.
  2. Safe running surfaceOne of the advantages of a treadmill for running training is that you can confidently predict the surface beneath your feet. This allows you to concentrate on your running technique without second guessing when the next pot hole is going to get in your way.
  3. PacingBeing able to control your pacing when running is an important skill for anyone wanting to improve their beep test score. The treadmill gives you full control of this and allows you to incorporate specific drills which address the various paces required during the beep test.
  4. Personal safetyRunning on a treadmill means you don’t find yourself in an area where you might become the target of some creep with ill intensions. You can use a treadmill at your favorite gym or even in the comfort of your own home. From a personal safety perspective, when compared with running outdoors, it’s a very good option, especially at night.

Now it’s not all good, there are some disadvantages that need to be considered when using a treadmill to improve your beep test performance, but, when used in the right context, a treadmill can have some nice benefits.

Enjoy your beep test training!