The Importance of Momentum in Beep Test Training

Don’t underestimate the importance of momentum

At the Beep Test Academy we run weekly training and coaching sessions for our clients who are working their way through our beep test training program, Mastering the Beep Test.

Getting face to face gives us the opportunity to monitor our clients performance and technique to ensure they’re getting the most out of the effort they put in to the training sessions during the week.

By attending our live training sessions we can monitor and support our clients at a face to face level, it also helps them to maintain that all important momentum in their training. We all know that if you lose your momentum the results start to drop off.

One of the critical aspects of maintaining momentum is ensuring consistency in your training. Having the weekly beep test training sessions give us the chance to keep the momentum going and support each other as well as offer additional tips and training advice to ensure we’re getting the best possible results.

To ensure you maintain your momentum, concentrate on constancy. Make a commitment to a training partner, friend or even just your diary to do your weekly beep test rehearsal and you’ll go a long way to maintaining your momentum.

Enjoy your beep test training!