The Beep Test and How NOT to Turn!

Incorrect Turning Technique Will Kill Your Beep Test Score

As the beep test increases in speed there is often the temptation to reach out for the end line with our foot. This type of lunging movement is to be avoided at all cost.

I think some can feel that by taking one less step to get the foot on the end line they might be saving themselves a bit of extra work. The reality is that by not taking one additional step just prior to the end line we actually end up making more work for ourselves, not less.

The longer the stance, as the foot is placed on the end line, the more resistance that is created due to the lunging movement caused by that long step.

The cumulative fatiguing effect of lunging for the end lines will soon put a stop to our beep test. Avoid long stepping or lunging for the end lines and you’ll save yourself a lot of effort and energy!

Enjoy your beep test training!