Intensity In Your Beep Test Training

Are you training at the right intensity for beep test improvement?

At the Beep Test Academy we regularly discuss the importance of training intensity with our clients.

The human body is an amazing instrument that is incredibly efficient at adapting to the environment. When we’re training to increase our fitness for any given sport or activity it’s vital we create the right training environment so that we get the right outcomes.

To emphasize how adaptation might work in regards to improved beep test fitness, let’s assume that when you practice the beep test you’re able to reach a score of level 10. In order to improve on that score you would need to improve in two areas. The first is your beep test strategy and technique which in turn would improve your beep test performance. The second area is your fitness.

Your fitness training needs to be a type and at an intensity that replicates the beep test experience you have at level 10. So for example, if your heart rate elevates to an intensity around 95% of your maximum heart rate when you’re doing level 10 on the beep test, your training drills and exercises will need to create the same condition.

If you’re legs are burning from lactic acid during level 10 of the beep test, your training will need to create the same effect if your body is to adapt and grow stronger and more effective at dealing with this situatuion.

As a minimum you’re going to need to replicate, in your training, what your body goes through when you’re doing the beep test at level 10. But, to improve on that score, well, that’s where intensity comes in!

In order for your fitness to increase, you’re going to need to replicate level 10 and then some! It is the additional (some!) time, repetitions, or effort that you put in, over and above level 10 that causes the body to adapt and improve. Unless you are pushing yourself outside your comfort zone your fitness will simply be maintained, as will your beep test score.

To achieve an increase in your fitness you must give your body a reason, some motivation, to increase. Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone by training at an increased level of intensity will cause your body to adapt and increase it’s capacity to cope. This in turn will result in your beep test score climbing.

Get some intensity in your beep test training and enjoy it!