Beep Test Turning Technique – Using The Correct Foot Placement

Using Correct Foot Placement Will Help Your Beep Test Score

To improve our beep test score we need to use the best turning technique we can. Turning is a large part of performing the beep test. In the test you’re either running or turning.

When we turn we can easily use more effort and energy than is required if our foot placement is incorrect.

Having a long stance, or a lunging style movement, is very taxing on the body and uses more effort and energy than necessary. The force required in the muscles to stop your forward momentum and change direction is very high when we lunge. This force only gets greater and greater as the speed of the beep test increases.

To minimise the amount of force, effort and energy required to turn you should be utilising a short step just prior to the end line to ensure you’re not lunging during your beep test turns.

A simple short step prior to the line reduces the length of the step which in turn reduces the amount of effort required.

I like to use a chalk mark on the ground, just in front of the end line, to use as a preparation step point.

Once you’ve become used to stepping short you’ll no longer need the chalk, but, it’s a good way to help develop the good habit of stepping short to improve your beep test turning technique.

Enjoy your beep test training!