Beep Test Turning In A Straight Line!

Your turning technique will impact on your beep test score!

When we do the beep test, we’re either running or we’re turning. So, it’s fair to say your beep test turning technique is important.

One of the overriding strategies we teach at the Beep Test Academy is to be as efficient as possible and this can be achieved through correct technique.

When you approach the end lines try to maintain a straight line into the endpoint and a straight line out from the endpoint. This ensures we’re not travelling any further than we need to during the beep test. By running in a circular fashion we decrease our efficiency, we end up running further than we need to and the turns take long to execute which results in us have to run that little bit faster in order to get back to the correct pace.

We can improve our beep test score, almost instantly, by improving the way we turn during the beep test.