Beep Test Interval Relay Drill

Improve your beep test score with our interval relay drill

The beep test interval relay is a simple, but challenging, drill which we use in training to increase cardiovascular endurance.

At this weeks beep test training session we took one of our groups favorite training drills and gave it a good working over!

The beep test interval relay is a simple, but challenging, drill which we use in training to increase cardiovascular endurance.

Each team member is paired with another member. The idea of this training drill is that each partner take a turn to run up and back over the 20 meter course, keeping in time with the beeps. When the first partner arrives  back, they tag, then the second member runs up and back in time with the beeps. So, each member runs two lengths, or 40 meters, before tagging.

Depending on the fitness level of the group you may want to vary the starting level of the drill. In this week’s training session we started the drill at level 3.

Just like a normal beep test, the drill should continue for as long as possible.

This is a great drill to add some competitiveness to your regular training. Pairs can compete against other pairs to find the winners. The same beep test protocols should apply as with a normal beep test.

For some great variety you may wish to add your sports flavor to this drill. For example, for hockey teams, players should carry their sticks during this drill. Rugby players should carry and pass the ball to their partner rather than tagging to change. Australian Rules footballers should carry the ball, bouncing at least once before each end line, then handball to their partner to change rather than tagging.

With a little bit of creativity you can use the beep test to create competition, variety and a bit of fun in your cardiovascular endurance training sessions.