The beep test is a cardiovascular endurance test used by police departments around the globe. The beep test can give a good indication of a person’s fitness level and potential ability to performance the duties of a police officer.

The beep test can create some anxiety for applicants attempting to gain entry to a police force. Different police organizations set different beep test standards which must be achieved in order t gain entry. The requirements can vary as much as 5 levels depending on the organization.

Whatever the required beep test score, applicants and police personal alike need to address two equally important areas of preparation in order to maximize their beep test score and give themselves the best chance of success.

The strategy and techniques used when performing the beep test, as well as an individual’s beep testspecific fitness level, will all impact on the ability to achieve their beep test potential. Since 2006 we’ve been training police applicants to pass the beep test and help them gain entry to police departments by addressing both of these critical areas. Our programs have helped more than 400 clients.

The Beep Test Academy’s head co-founder and head trainer, Russell Kempster, spent 12 years with Victoria Police in Australia and was a physical skills instructor at the police academy.

“In my experience, of all the fitness testing components, it was always the beep test that proved to be the biggest challenge for those trying to gain entry to the police force. The key for anyone training for the beep test is address both fitness and beep test performance in order to get the best results.” – Russell Kempster

If you’re preparing for the beep test as part of the application process to join your local police department, Mastering the Beep Test could very well be your secret weapon!