Fire Fighters require a high level of physical conditioning to be able to cope with the demands of the job. If you’re applying to join the fire brigade or fire department there’s a strong chance you’ll be asked to participate in a beep test as part of an overall fitness testing procedure.

The beep test is a fitness test which assesses cardiovascular endurance fitness levels and is the accepted method around the world by not only fire departments but many sporting organisations, police departments and military groups.

As a potential fire fighter you’ll no doubt be required to demonstrate your ability to perform those duties that will be required of you should you be successful in your application to join the fire department or fire brigade. Applying to join the fire department is usually strenuous process. Having a solid cardiovascular endurance level and sound beep test performance technique prior to attempting any fitness test will be a huge advantage.

Allow yourself approximately 6 weeks to get well prepared for the beep test. If you need a formalised training program to help you achieve your dream of becoming a fire fighter, Mastering The Beep Test could be just the thing you need to reach your Beep Test fitness potential!