Military and defence forces all over the world use the beep test to evaluate the cardiovascular fitness standards of their applicants and personnel. If you’re someone trying to gain entry to the Army, Navy, Air Force or other military organisation there’s a good chance you already know about the beep test!

What you may not know is how to go about preparing yourself for this Beep Test so that you reach your potential. Well, the first thing you’ll want to understand is that you’ll need to focus on both the specific fitness requirements of the test AND the performance aspects. Things like timing, pacing, turning technique, breathing and the strategy you apply will all have a big impact on how efficiently you can perform the test.

We’ve been able to help more than 400 people since 2006 who have all been applying for either military, police or fire positions in various organisations around the world.

If you need a fast and effective way to reach your beep test potential, Mastering The Beep Test could be just the edge you’re looking for!