Beep Test – Foot Placement

Incorrect foot placement is bad news in the Beep Test!

To improve your beep test score we know that we need to start with your beep test performance. In particular, the strategy and technique aspects which contribute so much to the efficiency of our performance.

One of the technical issues is your turning technique, incorrect turning technique is going to kill your beep test performance. A common mistake by beep test participants is to step beyond the 20-meter end line with both feet. This is simply unnecessary and will cause you to run further than you need to.

The beep test protocols state ‘participants must place at least one foot on or beyond the end line’. It is important to understand the beep test protocols so you can take full advantage of them!

So what should you be doing in relation to your foot placement? Make sure you only meet the minimum requirements, that is, place ONE foot ON the end line. You should not step over the end line by even a few centimetres. With practice, foot placement will become second nature. When you combine good foot placement with the right hip position and body angle your turning technique is going to start to fall into place.

Enjoy your beep test training!