Beep Test – Cardio Workout

Run a beep test for a great cardio workout burn

Whilst the Beep test is regularly used by organizations to test the cardiovascular endurance fitness of it’s players or applicants, it is also a great cardio workout for anyone wanting a great way to train their cardiovascular fitness.

The Beep test is used as a fitness testing method because it is standardized and measureable. It’s also simple to administer and requires little resources and equipment. Explaining, implementing and policing the protocols is very simple and all of these aspects mean the test can be a safe and reliable way to monitor cardiovascular endurance fitness levels.

For someone looking for a challenging, yet simple cardio fitness workout, the beep test is an excellent option.

Whilst the beep test is just that, a fitness test, on its own as a cardio workout it will push even the fittest athletes. The beautiful thing about the beep test as a standalone workout is that in a short space of time, even just 5 to 10 minutes, it can have huge health and fitness benefits.

Reduced risk of heart disease, improved energy levels, improved immune systems, are all benefits of regular cardiovascular exercise.

The beep test takes participants through a range of cardio intensity levels which helps to develop well rounded cardio fitness. The generally short duration of the test means that it can be done without the need to set aside time for a traditional cardio workout.

Fitness training can be very general in nature or highly specific depending on the desired outcome. If the intention is to assess the cardiovascular fitness of applicants then the beep test is ideal as a standalone test.

If the desired outcome is to improve the cardiovascular fitness levels of players then a carefully constructed beep test training program, such as ‘Mastering The Beep test’, will provide a more effective method of increasing cardiovascular fitness than just doing the beep test on its own.

Regardless of the motivation for doing so, regularly cardio workouts are well worth the effort because of the valuable benefits. Whilst there are endless types of activities that raise the heart rate any activity that is safe and enjoyable should be taken advantage of.

Variety in training can help to maintain motivation. Without motivation the wheels soon fall off our efforts to maintain a healthy level of fitness. If you haven’t had the pleasure of doing the beep test as a fitness test assessment or as a cardio workout, I would encourage you to introduce yourself to the beep test for your next training session.